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High-End Tickets for George Strait's The Cowboy Rides Away Tour

George Strait announced in September of 2012 that he would be retiring as soon as he had completed his final tour dates. They end with his last show held on June 7th, 2014 at the AT&T Stadium, formerly the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, in Arlington, Texas. The show will also feature Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney and Faith Hill.

There will be 20 shows comprising the 2014 George Strait The Cowboy Rides Away tour. Ticket sales are, understandably, doing very well indeed with thousands of his many loyal fans eager too see him perform one last time before his planned retirement finally swallows him up.

Front row floor seats are proving to be popular

An interesting trend is developing. Fans are grabbing the best floor tickets they can get, and these are the high-end tickets with a fairly high price tag too, but that isn't putting them off. On the contrary, front row floor seats with a close up view of their favorite country music singer is exactly what the fans want, and as a result, front row floor tickets are selling fast.

You may be wondering just how much high-end tickets can be worth. Well, if you want to attend his final show on June 7th at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, you could splash out in high style to the tune of $10,000 for a premier seat that is actually three sections back from the main stage.

You'll get a pre-event party thrown in with unlimited food and drinks, as well as exclusive limousine usage too, and you'll be made to feel just about as much of a star as George himself (well, almost). Is a seat at a concert really worth all that much? There are plenty of people who think so. These high-end ticket seats sell like hot cakes.

Fan packages make the choice of high-end tickets easy

There are a number of pre-prepared, so to speak, fan packages that make it easy for the dedicated fans to decide on exactly which of the VIP tickets package deals is right for them. Most of them include a VIP pre-show party where good food and drinks of all kinds are freely available to get them into the right frame of mind and mood for the main event.

The basic Fan Package starts at $525 for reserved upper level tickets. This package can include RV parking. The package deals go up from there with the Adios Fan Package coming next and starting at $720. The increase in price reflects the seating proximity to the main stage, as well as the other factors.

The Bronze Fan Package starts at $875 and the Silver Fan Package starts at $975. However, there is no Gold Fan Package, and the next one up is called the Twang Fan Package. It has a starting price for tickets of $1025. But the show isn't over yet, so to speak, for available fan packages in the high-end tickets bracket. The best has yet to come ...

The Cowboy Rides Away Fan Package is undoubtedly one of the best value packages available for George Strait's final year of performances. It has a starting ticket price of $1475, with the usual two-hour pre-show party with all the fine food and great drinks you can hold.

Just when you might be forgiven for thinking it can't possibly get any better the Diamond Fan Package starting at $1600 will prove you wrong. This fan package is followed by the Platinum Fan Package which, starting at $2050 is merely the prelude to the greatest fan package of them all.

At the top of the heap, the number one in George Strait fan packages, stands the Strait VIP Package starting at $5000. It has all the usual features, but also includes a seven-hour limo service. As with all the fan packages, there is a detailed itinerary which ensures you will never have a dull moment.

A whole lot more than just George Strait

It can reasonably safely be assumed that your interest in the George Strait Cowboy Rides Away Tour is because you like country music. You'll love his final performance on June 7th, 2014 at the AT&T Stadium, formerly the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, in Arlington, Texas, in that case. Supporting the man who was voted Artist of the Decade in the 2000s are some of the top names in country music, including Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney and Faith Hill.

If you attend any of the earlier performances you might be able to enjoy other top performers, such as Martina McBride and Miranda Lambert, among others. Throughout his long career, George Strait has had a top 10 hit every year straight for 30 years. No other performer in any music genre has ever achieved this. He has had no less that 22 CMA Awards, not to mention dozens of other important awards, too many to mention here.

George Strait is already a living legend and his Cowboy Rides Away Tour, his final blaze of glory, will undoubtedly become a part of music legend as well. If you like good old traditional country music sung by a true professional, a man who has had more number one singles than he himself can probably keep count of, do yourself a favor and splash out on one of the spectacular high-end tickets special fan packages on offer this year. You couldn't possibly regret it.


George Strait Tickets, Newark, NJ

Country singer, George Strait will perform at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, on March 1, 2014. As usual, this best-selling artist - 2013 CMA Entertainer of the Year, Academy of Country Music Awards Artist of the Decade for the 2000s, and Grammy Award winner in 2009 - will command a lot of attention, and tickets are likely to sell out fast.

This performance will be a part of The Cowboy Rides Away Tour, announced by George Strait on September 26, 2012, as his last tour. Strait will be retiring from the music performing scene as soon as he completes all of his planned concerts in 2014. If you haven't yet seen this popular living legend in person, or if you have and would like to see him again one last time, this is your chance to do so.

20 final concerts in his final year of touring

This 2013 CMA Entertainer of the Year will perform a total of 20 concerts in 2014. His performance at the Prudential Center on March 1 will be among the first of his final touring year's performances.

Even if he had not announced his retirement from touring, this concert would have been incredibly popular with all the George Strait tickets selling rapidly as soon as they went on sale. However, as the opportunities left to see this legend performing in person is strictly limited, you can expect this event to be among the really hot tickets of 2014, so book early to avoid disappointment.

George Strait has had more number one hit singles than any other artist - not just in country music - but in any other musical genre you can name. In a singing and acting career that spans more than 30 years, Strait has enjoyed the success of 60 number one hit singles. That's in addition to his 38 gold albums, 33 platinum albums and 13 multi-platinum albums, one of which, his best-selling album entitled Pure Country from 1992, sold a massive six million copies.

One of the world's top entertainers with the most gold and platinum albums

George Strait is currently rated third as the performer who has had the most gold and platinum albums in the entire history of the world's music. The top two are Elvis Presley and The Beatles, and Strait is just two award winning albums away from beating them both - just one more good reason for grabbing those George Strait tickets for the Prudential Center concert in Newark, NJ, while you still can.

The Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, seats around 18,000 people. It is a multi-purpose indoor arena that was opened in 2007. It is currently home to the New Jersey Devil's hockey team, as well as the Seton Hall Pirate's basketball team, and of course, it also plays host to many major music concerts as well throughout the year.

George Strait has dabbled in some movie acting as well during his long career. He has appeared in five movies all together so far, and he has played himself and been featured singing in most of them. His movies have not enjoyed big box office success, but his second movie, Pure Country, enjoyed significant success with the music soundtrack when released as an album.

George Strait has sold more records than any of the legends of country music

The giants of country music include legendary names such as Jimmy Rodgers, Roy Acuff, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, and yet George Strait has enjoyed more record sales than any of them did, close to 70 million sales so far.

Unlike the other legends of country music that are sadly all gone, you can still see this man perform, but time is running out. He's on the last leg of the The Cowboy Rides Away Tour, his final tour before he retires. This is your best opportunity to get George Strait tickets for the fabulous concert at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on March 1, 2014.